Bludog Telecom makes it easy to get your phone systems updated to modern standards. We started as just two guys with a dream and to date have served hundreds of small businesses since 2003 (and still growing). Today our commitment to helping businesses is stronger than ever.  We continue to develop new and innovative tools to help them change the world.

Bludog understands the challenges that small businesses face in today’s multi-media world. But you know something? Most small business is still conducted on the phone. We stay on top of the latest telecom trends and deliver you insights on the best telecommunication services. We will help unravel the all the complicated applications and make recommendations easy to understand.

Bludog brings 45 years of combined experience to the industry with a top notch team of experts. We have broad and deep experience across many technologies. We have been around long enough to know that not all businesses are the same so we take the time to develop a unique solution to fit the needs of your business.

We take pride in our white glove service and ensure a comfortable on-boarding experience for your staff. With our all inclusive service, we get it done right the first time. We know your business is time-sensitive so we do the best to get you up and running quickly with minimal disruptions. Contact us today to get started.

Bludog Telecom offers telecommunications and voip services in Camarillo.